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Current Litter

Love of Cinema Litter

DOB 11/9/19


Dina / Dam

soiree 1.jpg

Soiree / Sire

Darby / Male  

Cool Run Prince of Tides

Living with and loved by the Dillon family in Virginia

Darby 3.jpg

8 Weeks


6 Months

Cool Run Dances with Wolves

Lakota / Male

Darby 2.jpg

8 Months

Darby 4.jpg

8 Months

Living with us at Cool Run 

Lakota 2.jpg

8 Weeks

Lakota 1.jpg

8 Weeks

Lakota 4.jpg
Lakota 3.jpg

6 Months

6 Months

Cool Run Carefree

Paco / Male

Living with and loved by Cecilia and Vanessa in Wash DC

Paco 1.jpg

8 Weeks

Paco 4.jpg

8 Months


8 Months

Paco 2.jpg

8 Months

Cool Run Little Big Man

Wimsey / Male

Living with and loved by the Crane Family in Phila, PA

Whimsy 5.jpg

8 Weeks

WHIMSY 2.jpg

6 Months

Cool Run Ladyhawke

Cece / Female

Whimsey 3.jpg

8 Months


8 Months

Living with and loved by the Theiss family in Virginia

Co-owned with Cool Run

Cece 1.jpg

8 Weeks

Cece 3.jpg

5 Months

Cece 4.jpg

5 Months

Cece 5.jpg

7 Months

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